A step by step guide on Affiliate Marketing – how it works

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Affiliate Marketing is another type of marketing in which individual or affiliate get paid for promoting other people or company’s products or services. In other word, an affiliate get paid based on performance. Although, this guide focuses on Affiliate Marketing, it is a guide that I have seen used by many around the world with individuals seeing results.

Here are the reasons why you will love this FREE Affiliate Marketing guide:

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Why is this Affiliate Marketing guide useful?

Honestly, many people always ask the question on how to make make money online. And my answer to them is to start an online business marketing other people’s product. This is the reason that I have come up with this guide, to shed more light on how you can be successful as a E Marketer.

So, this guide is useful in all sense to all aspiring affiliate candidate because it gives you the basic step-by-step knowledge on how to start affiliate marketing. The following are also part of the reasons why you will find it useful:

  • It was written by a group of affiliate marketer
  • This guide is tailor made
  • Made for both beginners and expert marketers
  • Gives inside information on how to succeed as an affiliate
  • Best of all, it provide step-by-step guide on finding a product to promote.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It can be defined as a kind of marketing in which a person called affiliate promotes a product that belongs to a company and in return, earn a commission when a sale is made. In a simple word, it is an online Product Marketing scheme that rewards the seller.

I remembered when I got started as an affiliate few years ago selling product for amazon – an online market place, and earning my first commission. It was really cool, I love it and that was when I actually believe in the hype of making money online.

Let’s start with this…..

How will you like to make money online even when you are not selling any product of your own? I am sure the answer to that question from most people will be……. that will be a good idea.

The effect of a well planned affiliate promotion from an affiliate is a very powerful passive income generator. Like they say, he who fails to plan plans to fail.

Getting Started

I will like to point your attention to some basic things before analyzing each steps involved in becoming a good affiliate promoter. These are

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • What are the various benefits associated program
  • Players in the affiliate program
  • Types of programs available
  • How the program is run – Setting up an affiliate marketing program (Promoter and Seller).

To give you a comprehensive detailed analysis of the above mentioned, you can click and read it all on Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

There are no define ways in which you can start your journey in marking money with an affiliate program, but there are steps that needs to be taken when you are starting.

Step #1: Choose your preferred part and do your homework

What do I mean by this Preferred Part? Your preferred part may be selling a niche product for a niche market, or a mixture of products. Which ever one you choose, they both lead you to making passive income.

Sample of a Niche Products could be selling different type of health and beauty product while the sample of mixture of products maybe you having a platform with different categories to display those products.

Talking about my own personal experience on chosen product to promote, I started two different affiliate marketing websites in Nigeria few years ago. One website was mainly for selling Natural Heath products while the other website was selling every other products.

While both websites were doing good, I discovered that one website is doing better than the other. Then I realized that I need to focus my attention more on the website that was doing better. This was because my profit margin was higher on that particular website. Funny enough, I did allocate equal amount of time and energy for both selling channel.

The question that I later asked myself was, why was the other website not doing so well? At the end, I found out that I did not do my homework very well before embarking on setting up that particular website.

Learn more on creating a website.

How do you do your homework as an Affiliate Marketer?

Your first homework is to get some vital information on the product that you are looking to promote. These info are well laid out below.

What market are you looking to sell to?

Search engines nowadays are more smarter than we think. They tend to show search result based on location of the search through the IP address used. So, if you are looking to sell a particular product to people in Australia, try to find Australian products to promote. Similarly, if you will like to sell your products to people in Nigeria, then you will have to choose product that Nigerian will buy from you.

Step #2: Choose a good medium or platform to sell your product

What do I mean by this? The best available platform that gives you the best result is to set up your own website. You can read more about “how to create a website” in other to learn more about various platforms available. The how to create a website article give detailed explanation on different available website platform that you may like to use.

This is also an important part of the process that will help you be on top of your Affiliate Marketing promotion. As you may know, internet now provides convenience for people. You need a user friendly website maker and a good web hosting company to get started.

Why is this important?

By the time you get more deep into selling online, you will discover that there are various competitors out there. Just like there are various competitors most business in business. So, you should consider using a website platform that gives you an added advantage when setting up your website.

The following list will point you to different types of Affiliate Marketing Program that you may want to get into. I will also talk about what it entails to participate in each program. But remember, there may be some others Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria; we will always update this post as needed. Also note that some website platform come with good shopping platform embedded into them. This actually makes your work simple.

Step #3: Conduct a thorough research

What you are looking to achieve with the research conducted are:

  • How popular is the product
  • keywords/keyword phrases to use to promote the affiliate products
  • Can my website be visible to prospective buyers of my product?
  • Who are my competitors?

Conducting a thorough research on what to sell and how to sell these products is an added advantage. There are many resources you can use in other to conduct the research; they includes Google analytical tool and the Alexa ranking tool. To be be able to use any of the mentioned tools able, you will have to be a registered member. Google analytical tool is FREE to use while Alexa tool provides little helpful information on its FREE version. To take full advantage of Alexa, you will have to use the Premium version of the tool.

Remember, there are many tools and software now available on the internet for the purpose of conducting such research. The two mentioned above are just a guide.

Below is a simple snapshot of a typical google webmaster tool to use for analytic. You will have to register with google in other to be able to use this. Search for “google webmaster tools” on the google website. Click on “Google Search Console” that comes up on the result page, then just go ahead to register.

Google webmaster tool, Google webmaster tools for Affiliate Marketing, How to use google webmaster tools

How to use Google Webmaster Tool

As you can see from the above google webmaster tool, some highlighted in “RED” are few key indicators to help you. I will quickly run through below:

Google console menu: The console menu actually gives you information on all the things you can do inside your webmaster tool. You can play around it to find out more.

Queries: I like this most. It actually give you a general idea of what people search for online. It is a kind of indicator that give you inside knowledge of keywords to target. Since Google have identify your website to those searches, it will be better for you to focus on them.

Number of Clicks: How attractive is the description of your website page listed in search results? This is a basic factor that makes people to click on your website page. So therefore, the “Number of Clicks” represent how many people clicked on search results to get into your website.

Total Impression: This actually indicates the number of times any of you pages mage an impression when a keyword/keyword phrase is being searched for. Google could also relate these searches to a particular page of your website.

Average position: I do not bother myself too much on this. The reason being that it is the average position of all the results positions that google collates for you. I mostly concern myself on those particular keywords for the products that I am promoting.

For beginners, it is worth pointing out that google webmaster tools is good for conducting on – how popular is the product and keywords/keyword phrases to use to promote the affiliate products; while Alexa may be useful for finding out your main competitors.

Please NOTE:

Google webmaster tools is good for a website that is already up and running. I will recommend Alexa keyword tool page for a new website.

Step #4: Promote your product (s)

Remember, you are in this Affiliate Marketing business mainly for one thing – TO SELL other peoples’ products. In other for you to achieve your aim, you will have to promote this product (s). This take us to the next stage final concluding part of “A step by step guide on Affiliate Marketing”.

There are two general ways (Online & Offline) to promote your products in other to achieve results. But for the scope of this write-up, we will be limited to ONLINE PROMOTION of Affiliate products.

Why are my focusing mainly on this? Believe it or not, research conducted through marketing expects indicated that the more you make your business and services visible online, the more sales you you make. So our next section will be mainly on promoting your affiliate product on the internet.

Ways to promote your affiliate products:

There are various ways to do this but the few that I will recommend are listed below

Your own website: We did mentioned “Choose a good platform” in step #2 above. What I meant was your own website in which you will be using to showcase your affiliate product; your website should be user friendly. If you do not have a website, I will recommend you build one NOW. To learn more on how to do this, please visit our “How to build a website” page.

Email Marketing: With a good strategy in place, you will reach more target with Email Marketing campaign.

Leverage Marketing: This has been used by many great marketers in the past and they still use it. As defined, Leverage Marketing is the ability to generate more sale with little or No cost associated to it.

Finally, it is what mentioning that there are various types of Affiliate Marketing Programs. But for any “Types of Affiliate Marketing programs”, I ALWAYS recommend that you choose the appropriate program based on your location. Why do I recommend this? With my experience on Search Engine Optimization, google on most occasion show search results based on where the the search was conducted. One of the things you can also do to achieve this is to inform the search engine of your target market. To do this,

  • login to your “google webmaster tools”
  • Click on “International Targeting”
  • On the page that appear, click on “Country”, and
  • Finally, choose your preferred country from the drop down menu.

BOOM……. Simple.

Congratulations – you’re on the right part

If you follow the steps in this guide, you will by now be well equip on Affiliate Marketing.

On this note, we will draw a conclusion to the “A step by step guide on Affiliate Marketing” series. Please feel free to ask me questions (email is better) on of the above that is not cleared to you.

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