Affiliate Programs

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What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are sometimes refer to as Affiliate marketing. They are programs set up by a company (or website owners) for individuals to promote there products and services. The business rewards the affiliates for promoting or referring visitors or customers to them.

These programs are performance base – you get paid for introducing as many action taken customers as possible to the business.

Who is an affiliate?

The term affiliate is referred to as an individual or organisation that is officially connected to an organisation for a mutually benefiting purpose.

Affiliate marketing as it may sometimes be referred to is one of the best ways to make money online without stressing yourself. All you have to do is to join a good affiliate program and promote the product.

Why is it important to join an affiliate program?

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Program is a business that will make any affiliate money. Like any other business, it will take you time to earn substantial amount of money. In other word, it is not a ‘Get rich overnight business’, but a business that can make you rich quicker than you expect. It is a kind of business that if you are patient, you will be smiling to the bank each day of the week.

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By joining an Affiliate Marketing Program, you:

  • Do not need to invest much money
  • Create an opportunity of making money for yourself
  • Maximise your earning potential
  • Products and Services to sell are readily available to you
  • Marketing tools are provided by the affiliate company
  • Track all sales and leads.

Types of Affiliate Programs:

Although, we will not be going into more details about the type affiliate marketing available to you, but it is still worth mentioning. These are Direct and Indirect Affiliate Marketing. More details the Types of Affiliate Marketing can be found on Types of Affiliate Marketing and how to make money with them.

The most common problem faced by individuals is the inability to figure out the best affiliate program suitable for them. In deciding on an affiliate program to join, individual needs to look inward and think about that particular product that they want to promote. These products can be tangible or intangible products that they are reselling for product owners.

Tangible Products:

They are products that can be touched or feel (physical) such as mobile phone, cars, building, computers, laptops and so on.

Intangible Products:

These are products that can not be touched neither can you feel them; they are not physical. Such products that falls under this category includes – insurance policy, membership registration and so on.

The best advice I will recommend for individuals looking to make money through affiliate campaign is research more into programs that pay more than 10% to affiliates. One of such program is the Affiliate Program for beginners.