How to create a website – basic techniques needed

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Internet have taken over the world, from personal websites to corporate websites, from information website to social media. You just name it, a page exist for it on the internet. This is the main reason why many people now ask the question on creating a website. In this guide, you will be shown the step-by-step techniques on how to create a website.

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Getting started with creating your own website

You will be learning the basics of website creation with the following steps.

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How to Create a website

STEP #1: Register a domain name and get a hosting company

Why is this important to you in this “how to create a website” series?

  • Domain name is your web address, it can be like
  • Hosting Company – a company that provide you with the services of connecting your website to the internet

A good domain name that depict the product and services that you are looking to offer the public is your first point of call in getting started. This is your branding, your address, a name that you will promote in the search engines.

What domain name should I choose?

Given you an example, a website that is looking to promote health product should look to register a domain name like or (yoursite+health).com. What this does is that it tells the search engine that your website is on health products or services. By including the services you are providing in your domain name, it is the #1 advantage your website will have over your competitors.

Getting a domain name of your choice will cost you in the range of $7 – $14 per year depending on where you purchase it. Although you can get a free domain name if you decide to to have get your website on any of the website hosting platforms. Such platforms are – bloggers, wordpress, wix and few others. These free web hosting platform also offer you an upgrade for your domain to be hosted by them. Cost can range from $3 – $5 per month.

Remember, it is more professional owning your own domain name that having to share your domain name with someone. Such as You will see the importance of a good domain in the search engine optimization setion of this “How to create a website” write-up.

You may be interested, a sample of website build with this technique discribed in this how to create a website is – Prepaid Cards in Nigeria.

Get a good hosting company

Showcasing your website to the world or target audience can only be done through a hosting company. A good host will have <1% down time. What this mean is that the company hosting your website should not go down often. There is a negative implication to your search engine ranking if this happen to often. Another thing worth knowing is, you get a free email with your domain on a good hosting package.

A standard website hosting package with most hosting company will cost you an average of $3 – $5 per month.

My advice on domain name and hosting

  • Does it have good domain extension? Depending on your target market, I will advice you use a domain name that ends with .com.
  • Has it got good length? Try to get a domain name that has between 4-6 letters, maximum 8 letters. This will help people to remember your website. Although, using more than 8 letters domain name sometimes may be good for you. I like a domain like this Yes, it is more than 8 letters but it is a catchy domain.
  • How easy is it to remember? Be creating, use catchy word as you domain. Advantage of this is that it easy to remember and it sticks in the head. A good catchy domain name is easy to remember.
  • What is your hosting like? The most important of this is that you have to host your website with a good hosting company with less downtime.

A rule of thumb on domain names – keep it simple and let it be a memorable name.

It all depend on you

Depending on the part of the world that your are, you may want to use a hosting company close to you. Sometimes, this does not matter. I am using a hosting company in Nigeria called “Sharesavers” for this guide that you are reading.

STEP #2: Get a user friendly website building platform

Gone are the days when you have to employ the services of a website programmer, or you have to know how to use HTML (computer code) before you can have a website. With various website building platforms available today, you can have your website up and running with five minutes. Now, you can create a website from scratch without knowing how to write a computer code.

Let us start with this…….

What is a “website building platform”?

They are ready made, easy to use and easy to understand (how to) programme available to build your website. They have all the necessary application that are “ready to go” for your website to be live. These website platforms are sometimes referred to as “Content Management Systems”. This is so because the manage all the content on your website pages.

Below are few list of “website building platforms” that are readily available to help you on the “how to create a website” series:

  1. Drupal
  2. Joomla
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. WordPress
  6. Magento

The above mentioned website platforms are free to use, they also give you free website hosting.

There have been lots of debates on the internet about best website builder platform. We are not here to join in the debate, but to shed more light on website platform. My take on this is to advice you to go with a platform that you are more comfortable with. I am very comfortable using wordpress platform so I will be taking you through the basic step-by-step way of using it. Please remember, wordpress is just one of many available website building platforms and it is most widely used by many. In fact, many articles written on “How to build a website” or “How to create a website” focus on using wordpress to build your website.

This year: Most popular platform used for creating a website

Website Builders, Website Platform, List of website builder platforms, Best website platformAs you can see in the above diagram, WordPress is the most popular website builder platform used by many. It also indicate that just over half of the world websites on the internet runs on WordPress website platform.

Reasons to use WordPress to create your website:

There are few points that makes wordpress the dearling of many website builders as we can see below:

  • 1. It is absolutely FREE to use.

You may want to know that this website platform is totally free to use – either to download it or install. In fact, almost all the website hosting company now offer free wordpress download with your hosting package.

In fact, the platform has made website development more cost effective to everyone. Thank you WordPress.

  • 2. Lots of templates, themes and layouts available.

There are hundreds of templates and themes you can choose from in just one wordpress installation. These theme are the creative look of your website. WordPress has made it easy for everyone to pick and use any of its free available template.

If you are looking to have a specific or specialised template for your website, there are more paid.

  • 3. User friendly, good for both beginners and professional website developers.

A very good advantage that I see using WordPress to a create website is its ease of use. The ease of use can be translated to as a “user friendly” platform. Coupled with this is an interactive template that is an added advantage for both beginner and expert website builders.

One good thing that beginners will like about this platform is that it is easy to update. With just only one click in your admin page, you will update your entire site.

  • 4. Help readily available from wordpress community and developers
  • 5. Great for small and large websites
  • 6. No HTML to edit and mobile friendly.

No need to know how to create a website using codes anymore. With the plug-and-play templates of wordpress, you can edit your whole site without knowing how to write an HTML code.

  • 7. Easy to tweak.

Tweaking and developing your website can not be made more easier that what wordpress is providing. It allow you to choose from numerous available templates that fit into the type of website you are building.

Think about the way you view a web page on a laptop or computer desktop compared to the way the same website is shown on a mobile phone or tablet. Then you will see the flexibility of how to create a website using wordpress templates. This is responsive web technology from the platform.

  • 8. Great functionalities included as plugins.

There is something quite amazing now a days with the wordpress building platform; the wordpress “JETPACK”. I will walk you through the Jaetpack part of the dashboard in the “setting up and designing of your website” section below.

  • 9. You Control your website.

Wait no more for a website developer to help you with simple task like updates or managing of your website content. Remember, this is a full powerful Content Management Systems.

  • 10. Search engine LOVE wordpress platform.

As part of your journey into “How to create a website”, we will talk on the term – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO).

When it comes to letting your website visible to the internet users, we talk about SEO. WordPress are developed to be SEO friendly; If by any means you get to this website page through searching on the search engine, then SEO friendly part of our wordpress use template is at work.

I take all above as an advantages of using wordpress to build a website.

STEP #3: Setup and Design your website the way you want it.

Its time to setup a website. Below diagram show a typical wordpress dashboard.

Create a website with wordpress, How to build a website with wordpress, Website builderWe will be going through simple setting of a website using wordpress as earlier mention in this section of “How to create a website”.

Once you have a suitable domain name and your choice hosting company, then you are ready to install your wordpress. Let’s dive straight into installing the website…….

WordPress installation

There are two possible way to install wordpress on your website, it can not get much easier than that.

  • One Click installation from cPanel
  • Manual Installation


You need to know, almost all web hosting company now has a one-click-installation for WordPress. One question that most beginners asked is – Where can I find the one-click installation for WordPress?

Depending on the kind of cPanel that comes with your hosting package, an integration in most cPanel looks like the diagram below.


cpanel diagram, How to install wordpress from Cpanel, simple steps to install wordpressHere are the step-by-step guide that will help with the installation of WordPress from a cPanel.


  1. Log into your hosting account
  2. Within your hosting account, click control panel
  3. Inside the control panel, look for “Software”, you will see all the different website platforms available.
  4. Look for “WordPress” (as shown above)
  5. Click the “Install Now” button.

Boom….. all done and you are ready to go. Now, you ready to start writing your contents.

The final part – “Optimise your website for visibility” in our How to create a website series can be read in “How to optimize your WordPress website”.

If you are unclear about any part of this how to create a website guides, please ask question in the comment box below. And if this is useful to you, I will appreciate if you can share this page on your social network pages. It is a sign of encouragement to me.