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Online Shopping

Over 200 million people, more than 65% in adult population visit the internet and over 40% of adult looking to shop online. Online Shopping in Nigeria is the way forward for your growing business.

Recent survey conducted on how people shop in Nigeria has show a dramatic rise in the trend. From shopping for fashion items such as – shirts, clothes, shoes to shopping for electronics, the internet is now the shoppers’ destination.

Nigeria, Africa and the world is now a small global community that permit trading through the internet at clicks of buttons.

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Online Shopping in Nigeria as a Business

Technology today has made it possible for businesses to be conducted without buyers necessarily knowing who the seller is neither knowing where the seller is. In today’s’ world, any business owner in Nigeria that does not have an online present is not prepared to do real business. And such people are actually limiting their business prospect. Do remember, online presence is not only having a facebook page or twitter page; it is having your own website where you direct your facebook customers to actually buy your product and/or services.

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Occasionally, I do chat with my followers on twitter and facebook friends on different topics that surround Online Shopping in Nigeria and there business pages on these social media. To my surprise, majority of them solely depend on there social media pages as the front end page for their businesses.

The first question I ask them is – How do you now sell that product on the social media page? Most answers I receive is phone calls. What I now preach to them is why not use that same page to continue the awareness of your product and also use it as a leverage to direct people to your website where they will see varieties of what you have to offer.

A good Shopping website will do this for you.

While having a nice page on the social media platforms are good, you should have a good shopping website too. Your own shopping website will showcase your business and also allow customers to take actions. These kind of actions taken by customers will make your website a success.

Remember, a social media page should complement your own Shopping website. Your social media website will help contributes to the popularity of your own website.

Type of Online Shopping sites in Nigeria Business Models

These can be divided into two. Depending on the model that you want to embark on, you may consider creating and promoting any of the mentioned business model.

These are – (1) Your own Online Shopping Website; and (2) Shopping website for other businesses.

Your own Online Shopping Store – Benefits of website

Having your business website to showcase your products and services is a good idea that will bring in tons of sales for you. This business model is most ideal for individuals or businesses that are looking to take the advantages below.

  • Less expensive

The cost of advertisement nowadays through various forms are expensive. Have you ever tried advertise through media such as radio, Television, printed media and other mean? They are expensive! Investing in Marketing and Advertisement is necessary and important for every online business in Nigeria BUT really expensive. Having a website for your Online Shopping business is less expensive.

  • Advertising is Key

An online shop front is more easy to advertise than a real brick and mortal shop front. Why is this? It is more environmental friendly when it come to marketing and advertising. You have few ways to that are more advantageous to you when marketing your website through the internet. One example is the Facefook Ads, an advertising platform from facebook. Another example is the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the biggest advantage your Online Shopping can tap into.

  • Increase Customers

Many Brick and Mortar business have local popularity, but having an Internet business increase your customer base out your locality. An Online Shopping website for the Nigerian market will help generate more customers. Not just outside your local area, or state, but nationally. This is the power of online store front.

  • Good Customer Relationship

With a well promoted website, you can increase and create a good valuable relationship with your customers. You can email your customers directly through your website domain. In addition, your customers can share their experience, review your product and leave feedback. These are very important for any online business in Nigeria, Africa or Globally.

  • Increase in Sales

In the internet world of business, more website visitors leads to more potential sales. This is an advantage that your Nigeria Online Shopping Website will brings to you. The more information you have on your products for sale on your website, the better it will to increase your sales

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